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Domain Booking

This is a online service & booked or renewed ultimately from one international authority. Domain Name is your universal identity & remains on till the time you renew it every year.

We advice our client to have Domain Name, as small as possible, matching the title or activity. Domain Name should not be lengthy to type & should not have such spelling where common man can make a mistake.

Hoisting Space &
   Hoisting Setup
Space & Setup for the hoisting of the website is offered by us for the end users. After the web design is ready one need a server space to hoist the design on internet with its Web Setup to run the same on Internet. This is also online process & renewed on yearly basis.

We offer 20Mb space in our basic package. More space is required if there are heavy files for download, video files or you wish to accumulate emails on server. Additional space is not at all costly affair. One can have additional space even during the year.

Web Designing There is no hard & fast parameter for the designing of the web site. Considering the need of the activity, where & which information the institution wishes to give for the interest of viewers as well what viewers may wish to know from the institute, must be covered in it.

This black & white information helps to have faith in the activity. As far as the information is concern, it also helps to progress the communication. Results lot of saving on time & clarity in the subject between parties & can help lead the further proceeding very smooth.

Every Internet viewer is in hurry, no one is an exception to this. Very important part of designing is proper indexing in easy to view format. One must get the required information, at a glace, or he is missing the information and in tern the purpose of the website making gets defeated.

We Designing is charges are on piece rate basis.  Main designing is one time. There after for any addition or change it is charged on piece rate.

We also undertake annual maintenance contract of data updating. The charges for the same will depend upon the volume & number of changes, time to time.

Email You can have any number of emails for your website. Very important is they must be viewed & responded every interval or they become headache due to huge accumulation on server. Best way is to configure the same on your email software like Outlook Express 7 operate from there.
Support It is our experience that our clients need our support services, few times, during the year. This is because of:
1. Accumulation of emails using the entire quota for the use.
2. Mass mailing resulting limit increasing for monthly bandwidth.
3. Urgent addition or deletion of some matter for specific purpose.
4. Configuring Outlook... Technical Quire... & lot more
Graphic Services We also support other graphic designing jobs like banner making for web advertisement etc.